Defining Success

Some people measure professional success according to which rung of the corporate ladder they’re currently standing on.  What’s my title this year?  How many people are above me? How many people are below me?  What do the others have that I don’t have?  A constant comparison and never ending race to…well, to where exactly?  To the […]

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Saying No With No Regrets

  It’s about continual dedication, a daily affirmation of confidence and vision of the road ahead. Click To Tweet   I said no to a great opportunity today. I’ve turned down work before. Usually because I was simply just too busy to take on any more.  And even knowing that saying yes would put me […]

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5 Things That Stop You From Realizing Your Dream

What comes to mind when you think about what stands in the way between you and realizing your dream?  I’d bet the most frequent response is “money”.  Money can be an easy excuse for inaction. Sometimes you need to get “un-stuck”.  Break down the fear, and look at a problem in smaller chunks.  I’m sure we […]

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Start-Up or Self-Starter?

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, one of the toughest things you may wrestle with is having too many ideas.  Which idea should you pour your heart and soul into?  Which one will succeed? But before you go all in on an exciting new venture, it’s prudent to first cover the basics.  What kind of business […]

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