Quitting Your Job

Why Doesn’t Everyone Quit Their Job

If it’s so great, why doesn’t everybody do it? If that thought has ever crossed your mind while considering working for yourself, you’re not alone. I get asked this question time and again. Even more frequently, people don’t ask, they just skeptically assume that I do what I do as a temporary measure, until I […]

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Self-employed home office

5 First Steps to Becoming Self-Employed

Many people dream about being self-employed and making money on their own terms. No more bosses, no more bullshit. But you can dream all day, and that won’t change your circumstances. The only one who can change your circumstances is you. It doesn’t need to be drastic or dramatic. Drama is best saved for the world […]

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The Underrated Productivity Tip

I love productivity tips.  Figuring out how to squeeze more and more out of the same number of hours allocated to a day is a beautiful kind of scientific magic. But there are days or weeks that go off the rails and no amount of productivity efficiency will help you get them back on track. I’ve […]

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Be Your Own Boss

One Compelling Reason To Be Your Own Boss

I’ve been primarily a solopreneur for over a decade, with a brief venture into entrepreneurship that didn’t end well. But when my startup company died a horrible death, it was ultimately solopreneurship that I turned to for comfort. Solopreneurship was my safety net. Yet I know so many people unhappily working for someone else, wishing […]

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