How To Know You Will Succeed

Anyone who has ever thought about striking out on their own has asked themselves this very question.  What they really mean, what’s really lurking in the dark corners of their minds is another question altogether.  Something far more insidious, the type of thinking that keeps you awake at night and can bring on a cold sweat […]

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From Unemployed to Entrepreneur

It’s one thing to hustle 3 months of freelance work, but how do you turn a brief reprieve into a life changing career? When I was called into an office one fateful day and told I was being down-sized, I suddenly had a new title.  Unemployed.  What was I?  Who was I?  My career plan had […]

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Why Start Your Own Business?

I’m often asked, “why start your own business?” Why take the risk? Why not settle in somewhere with job security, as much as this even exists anymore. I’ve said before that I’m an accidental entrepreneur. Or an accidental solopreneur and occasional entrepreneur. I’m not sure the label really matters. Basically, I work for myself. I have a […]

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New Day, New Year, New Website

It may be silly sentimentality, but I’m willing to admit that I love New Year’s day.  The most hopeful day of the year. It doesn’t matter what’s happened in the previous 364 days, and yes you could say that on any day of the year, but on New Year’s day you have an official calendar-stamp-approval to be […]

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