Must Have Checklist for Starting a Business

Turning dreams into reality requires action.  Imagining, day-dreaming, wondering, and googling only take you so far.  Which is to say, they take you nowhere at all.  Most people rationalize inaction as “waiting for the right moment”.  Really, they’re waiting because they’re either afraid/unsure, or they simply don’t know where to start.   So in that […]

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Redefining Work: Solopreneurs, Freelancers, and Independent Workers, Oh My

It’s not your father’s workforce.  That can be said without hesitation, if you lift your head above the cubicle walls every now and then and take in what’s happening to this world we call “work”.  I have a few upcoming posts that speak more on this topic, but this week, I thought I’d share some […]

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3 Signs You Should Start A Business Today

Lots of people are quite content to work for someone else.  To show up every day, put in their hours, collect their paycheque.  But many of us fall into one of two other buckets.  We either want to climb our way up that staggeringly tall corporate ladder of success, regardless of who owns the corporation, […]

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I Freakin’ LOVE Technology

I love technology. I freakin’ LOVE technology! It makes work easier, it makes scheduling easier, it makes connecting with people easier. It makes life easier. I received my Apple Watch this week. Yes, I’m an Apple fan. I admit it. What shame is there in loving beautifully designed technology that just works? I love that […]

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