Be Your Own Boss

One Compelling Reason To Be Your Own Boss

I’ve been primarily a solopreneur for over a decade, with a brief venture into entrepreneurship that didn’t end well. But when my startup company died a horrible death, it was ultimately solopreneurship that I turned to for comfort. Solopreneurship was my safety net. Yet I know so many people unhappily working for someone else, wishing […]

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Successful people

The Case for Ordinary Success

So much is said about extraordinary people and their incredible success. It seems like we’re bombarded with it these days, from viral YouTube videos to the non-stop diet of celebrity “news” served up by the media. But what about the rest of us? Where do we fit in? Are we failures because we’re just not […]

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Fear of failure

3 Key Reasons Not to Fear Failure

I was trying to think of how many times I’ve failed in my life, but who can count that high? The interesting thing about fearing failure is that most of us do, and most of us pretend we don’t. I have absolutely no data to back up that statement, but I’d still be willing to […]

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Budget Planning

Want to work for yourself? Cash is King

Cash is King I recently wrote an article about how you can start your own business while still juggling a day job.  Not only is it possible, it’s also possibly the best way to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur without losing your life savings in the process!  Starting small and putting in the […]

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